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Ielts Speaking something you borrowed

Cue card: Describe something useful you borrowed 

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Well, let me tell you about a time I was dead broke and had to borrow money from my friends.

When I was in my last year at university, my dad suddenly fell ill. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and needed an urgent operation. The surgery went well and fortunately the tumor turned out to be benign, I mean noncancerous. After being discharged, my dad still had to rely on an array of medicines to keep his lungs working properly.

The thing is those imported drugs cost a fortune and to my surprise they were not covered by insurance and we had to pay in cash. It was stressful because at that time our family just lived from hands to mouth. My parents both worked so hard to make ends meet and to afford our education. With no savings, when misforunes occurred, we had no choice other than borrowing from others. So I asked some of my close friends to lend me whatever amount they had. Obviously, it didn’t feel good to do so, but what else could I do? Anyway, I managed to pay them off two months later with my income from tutoring.

I highly appreciated my friends’ generosity. Students like us all shared the same struggle of living on a tight budget, so I was truly grateful when they were so willing to lend me a hand. Without them, my family wouldn’t have been able to overcome that tough time.I think that’s what friends are for.

IDIOMS: dead broke/  cost a fortune/  live from hands to mouth/  make ends meet/  lend someone a hand

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