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A happy day you would like to have

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Well, I love this topic. I have to say that my concept of a happy day is pretty simple, just like many other ordinary days in my life.

A happy day is when I have a reason to smile. It doesn’t have to be something big such as getting promoted, winning a prestigious award or having a fancy car. I would smile ear to ear if I run into someone I know on the street, see a stranger smiling at me or be able to help others. It will make my day when an old friend call me out of the blue or if I hear good news about them. Life is worth living when we are truly loved and connected to others.

Also, I would feel like walking on air when leaving the office after a productive day. Being able to get all things done means I can have more time to exercise, spend quality time with my family and enjoy sound sleep that night. Any days can be perfect if all family members are home for dinner. Having meals together and sharing our daily life stories with our loved ones makes us feel safe and worry-free.

All in all, I wish I’d never have to worry about a hanging deadline or a hectic workload. As long as I’m able to maintain a healthy work/life balance, I know I’ll be doing perfectly well and all days would be just fantastic.

IDIOMS: smile ear to ear / make my day  / out of the blue /  feel like walking on air

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