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A time you were tired but stayed awake

Ielts Cue Card A time you were tired but had to stay awake / stay up late – Sleep Topic

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Đề này trong Ielts Speaking Forecast Quý 1 2020

I’m going to tell you about a time I was overwhelmed and had to stay overnight to get things done. It was a couple of years ago when I had my first job at a travel agent. As a newbie completely unfamiliar with work, I felt like I was always behind my schedule. The other day, I was doing extra hours to cover for a co-worker who was ill while my monthly report was due the next morning. With a hanging deadline, I already had plenty on my plate. To add to this, my cousin asked me to help her out with her graduate thesis. It was also a time-sensitive project so I didn’t want to accept it then later give up. She, however, convinced me over and over that with my English competence, I could finish it in no time. What really bothered me was that she made it seem like a walk in the park but in fact her writing was poorly structured and full of errors. It took me several hours to finish checking just half of the document. It was almost midnight and I realized I was running out of time. I sent it back to her with some suggestions to correct the rest by herself. I really wanted to lend her a hand but I had to work on my report. With roughly 5 hours left, I tried every possible way to keep myself from falling asleep. I drank a ton of coffee and washed my face with cold water whenever I felt sleepy. Eventually, I managed to stay awake and finish the report before the first rays of sunshine reached my room. Obviously, it was fantastic to meet the deadline but I appeared at the office pale and exhausted like a ghost that day. This experience has taught me to never stretch myself too thin and have the courage to say “No” when I need to.

IDIOMS:  have plenty on my plate /  over and over  / a walk in the park / run out of time   / lend someone a hand

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