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Ielts A time you changed plan due to the weather

IELTS SPEAKING cue card A time you changed your plan due to the weather

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I used to be a carefree person who preferred to take life as it comes. I rarely paid attention to weather forecasts. However, there was a time I had to change my plan completely due to the weather and I’ve realized how important it is.

Last summer, our family took a trip to Nha Trang, a renowned holiday town in the south central coast of Vietnam. It was a last-minute decision and we were unable to make any reservations well in advance. Our favourite airline was full so we ended up booking with a cheap airline. Our flight was expected to depart at 20: 15. As usual, we arrived at the airport two hours ahead to proceed all procedures required for a domestic departure. After check-in, we were told to wait for 30 minutes. However, 30 minutes passed and to our surprise, no boarding announcement was made. Then, an hour went by and I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I went straight to their counter to enquire about what was going on. They apologized and told me our flight was put off until 10: 15 the next morning because of bad weather. I went online and there were alerts of a destructive hurricane approaching the Central Vietnam. That meant we had to cancel the first night at our hotel and our travel plan must be altered completely, which was truly a nightmare. As Nha Trang was partially affected by the storm, I had to remove all fascinating outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing and snorkeling and tried to fit a 3 – day itinerary into 2 days. I had one of the most boring holidays in my entire life due to unexpected weather.

After the trip, I promised myself I will always check the weather forecast before going on a vacation. It is better to be safe than sorry you know.

IDIOMS: in advance / can’t take it anymore / better safe than sorry

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