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Speaking part 3 Teamwork Topic

A team in which you were a member – Câu trả lời mẫu Ielts Speaking Part 3

  • Is teamwork important?

Definitely yes. For organisations, teamwork boosts efficiency and productivity as more people bring greater knowledge, talents and skills to the table. Obviously, a collaborative group could get more things done in a shorter amount of time. For individuals, teamwork offers them a perfect opportunity to broaden their horizon, to sharpen their communication skills or simply to make new friends and improve their social life.

  • How can people learn teamwork skill?

Well, I believe this skill can be nurtured early at home. Parents should set an example and engage their children in doing chores together, enjoying leisure activities together or playing some physical team games. At schools and universities, students should be encouraged to join group activities such as sports, music, drama or volunteering clubs. All these efforts would make young people ready to perform well in teams when they enter the workforce.

  • Which is more important in team sports? Individual victory or team victory?

Team victory for sure. If people focus on individual achievement, they would compete fiercely against each other and do not support others. A desire to shine alone may  destroy a whole team’s effort, which is obviously an unwelcoming outcome. Only unity can create magic, I believe.

  • What makes a good team?

From my experience, I think an outstanding leader with a clear vision is a must for an excellent team. He or she should be able to motivate other members to work hard towards a common goal and resolve any potential conflicts, which is inevitable. Also, having supportive team members with diverse perspectives, talents & skills is equally important. Unless they keep an open mind and are willing to support each other, nothing can be accomplished.

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