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Ielts Speaking A place affected by Air Pollution

Ielts Speaking Describe A place affected by Air Pollution Part 2

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Unfortunately, the place with the most polluted air I’ve been to is Hanoi, the city I’m currently living in. It ranked as the second most polluted city in Southeast Asia in 2019 and the situation is getting worse each day.

The principal culprit of air pollution in Hanoi is particulate matter. These particles are released through the burning of fossil fuels by vehicles. Millions of cars, motorbikes, buses and trucks pour into the city every single day and discharge a massive amount of carbon emissions and particulates into the air. During humid days, fog might restrict the circulation of air, which in turn prevents the diffusion of pollutants, making the problem worse. Added to this, there are countless infrastructure development projects going on around Hanoi. No wonder, its air pollution is exacerbated by the huge amount of dust produced by the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of new structures. 

Additionally, the burning of charcoal in barbecue food stalls which can be found in every corner of Hanoi is also to blame. To make the matter worse, local farmers living in the outskirts usually burn straw after harvesting rice in late summer and autumn, leading to extremely unhealthy air quality permeating the city during these periods.

There has been growing public concern over this alarming environmental issue but not much has been done. The level of particulates in the air of Hanoi keeps rising each year. These ultra-fine particles are just a fraction of the width of a human hair, making them a serious health hazard. They can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause numerous problems, including asthma and cancers. Therefore, locals often wear a face-mask when spending time outdoors to protect themselves from polluted air

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