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Ielts Essay Free University Education Band 8

Some people think that everyone has the right to access university education so governments should make it free for all students no matter what financial background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? (Hướng AGREE – COUNTERARGUMENT)


It is irrefutable that higher education has a crucial role to play in modern societies. It is sometimes argued that tertiary education should be made free so that all students can access it regardless of their financial background. I strongly agree with this notion because such a policy might help create fairer and more prosperous societies for all.

Admittedly, universal access to higher education might entail certain drawbacks. It costs an enormous amount of money to fund university studies for the whole population of a country. This would increase public spending and place additional burdens on taxpayers. Given the ongoing economic recession and numerous other challenges facing nations, such as climate change and environmental pollution, it might not be easy to justify such a huge spending.

However, I believe the dazzling long-term benefits of free tertiary education outweigh its demerits. This system allows students from poverty-stricken families to earn a degree and land a job with decent income, and thus pay more tax. They would not only lift themselves and their family out of poverty but also help increase the tax base. Unquestionably, society as a whole can reap substantial benefits from such a policy. Businesses, for instance, can gain access to a vast number of better-trained workers. Not to mention, university degree holders tend to be more conscious of social and environmental issues, and thus are more willing to take actions to address them than those with a lower schooling level. Indeed, a well-educated and highly-skilled workforce is of paramount importance to the sustainable and thriving future of any society.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that although providing free higher education might put a strain on the government’s budget, I believe this policy can lay the foundation for more sustainable and equitable societies, and therefore should be given priority.


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