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Speaking part 3 Family Item

Ielts Speaking Part 3 Important Family Item Topic – Sample 8.0 -9.0 from Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu –  Sách tự học Ielts Speaking hướng dẫn chi tiết cách trả lời, ý tưởng, kèm câu trả lời mẫu BAND CAO, click here

Do people in Vietnam like old things or new things?

The way I see it, old people tend to place greater value on old possessions whereas their young counterparts seem to prefer new items. There could be several reasons for this but I suppose the most obvious might be generation gaps. Youngsters are always seeking novel experiences and opportunities to step out of their comfort zone while older people tend to feel a greater sense of attachment to what have been with them for ages. For example, they’d rather stick to their old fashioned phones than upgrade to the latest gadgets like the young.

Why do people like keeping old items?

That’s an intriguing question. Of course there could be distinctive explanations for this but I guess the fundamental reason might be the special meaning attached to the items. Perhaps, it has been given or used by someone who is dear to the owner’s heart, making it something they can’t live without. Another motive could be that the value of certain belongings, especially antiques increases with time. Keeping such items might be a wise and lucrative investment for the generations to come.

What are the differences in the way old people and young people keep old items?

No doubt, people of different age have different attitudes towards keeping old stuffs as I mentioned. Old people are more likely to treasure them and put them in prominent positions in their house or carry them along all the time while young people would just move them to the storage room and leave them there with no proper care.

What kinds of items are often passed down to the next generations?

Well, there is an extensive range of valuable belongings that could be preserved generation after generation. I suppose the most common items might probably be pieces of furniture like a table or a musical instrument as they tend to have a long lifespan. Another popular category would be jewellery including necklaces and rings which may last for good. Finally, books can also be stored in a family’s library for several generations as a manifestation of their ongoing intellectual journeys.

Do you think people these days value money over other things?

That’s an interesting one. While I agree that we are living in an acquisitive society, I believe spiritual values always have their significance. Of course, there is a growing number of people who tend to put the price tag above anything else but it would be unjustifiable to claim that all individuals have now become materialistic. Like for instance, many are still deeply touched/ impressed by little things such as a handmade gift that appears to have no monetary value on the market.

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