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Scientific Research Ielts Essay Band 8

In today’s world, private companies rather than the government pay for and conduct most scientific research. Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

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Essay Plan: advantages outweigh disadvantages


  • People may question the objectivity and credibility of research funded and conducted by private corporations. Example: new drug developed by a pharmaceutical company => conflict of interest => bias / misleading results in favour of their drugs
  • Unethical studies such as uninformed human experiments or biological warfare agent tests might be carried out, posing severe threats to human safety


  • Corporate funding can facilitate existing research, drive innovation and boost economic growth. Private corporations may provide unlimited financial resources, and therefore research progress will not be affected by a shortage of money. Example: when a pandemic caused by an unknown virus such as the Covid-19 occurs, participation and investment of private companies in medical research might speed the process of discovering a viable vaccine.
  • Competition among businesses in the same industry might prevent or eliminate bias in scientific studies funded by a certain company or place the research results under close scrutiny.

TỪ VỰNG UNCOMMON CHO TOPIC SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: để huy động từ vựng hay trước khi viết, các bạn có thể paraphrase keywords trong đề và sưu tầm thêm từ đọc báo mạng 

Dưới đây là 1 ví dụ huy động từ vựng cho topic này của mình nhé: 

Keywords/ Paraphrase: (tự nghĩ + đọc báo mạng về topic đó)

Fund: funding / finance/ funded/ financed/ supported / paid for by  / paying for a study  / government support for science /growing dominance of private spending over research

Funding source: mix of private and public funding / Corporate sponsorship/ corporate funding/ government grants/ institutions/ agencies/ charitable foundations / Research universities sponsored by industry/ R & D investment / independent funding

Scientific research: scientific studies/ applied research / medical research/ test drugs and develop new treatments/ Drug research sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry   / nutrition research sponsored by the food industry

Research outcomes:  misleading results / study’s outcome   / completely objective (unbiased)/ subjective – biased / scientific biases  / conflicts of interest / has a stake in the study’s outcome  /  influence the study’s design or interpretation / subtly favor the drug / public interest/ commitment to independence and objectivity/ commercial interests / commercialized science/ threat that privatization poses to academic autonomy—and to research objectivity/ credibility/ legitimacy

The government should scrutinize studies sponsored by industry or special interest groups to ensure results are consistent with other independently funded studies

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