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Ielts Speaking Describe an event

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Well, I always try to avoid overcrowded events at all cost, but there is a special occasion that made me realize being in a huge crowd is not necessarily a torture. It’s a live concert of Hyde, a rock legend in Japan. Let me tell you more about this once-in-a-lifetime event.

A couple of years ago, I was attending an exchange study program at a Japanese university. Knowing I’m really into rock, my friend managed to get me a ticket of the show. I was so thrilled because it’s not everyday you get to see a rock star in person. I used to wonder why Japanese fans treat him like a God but after watching Hyde’s exceptional live performance, I totally got it. This guy is extraordinary. He was able to effortlessly control a crowd of thousands of people with his very first greetings. When he sang, the audience started screaming and singing along, creating a powerful unstoppable force. Dozens of fan pushed their ways to the stage to reach him. And when he tossed out the roses at them, they all went mad. The sound of thousands of people shouting all at once was pure magic. At the end of the show, he asked the audience to take out  their phones and created a sea of thousands of lights, which I found  truly incredible.

I had an absolute blast watching him performing live on the stage. It was fantastic to stand among a passionate crowd, get immersed into the music and share enormous energy of over-excitement. All in all, this show was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. It always reminds me of music’s limitless power in bringing people closer together.

IDIOMS: At all cost    /   All at once   /     have a blast

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