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Ielts Speaking Computer Topic Part 3

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Why do people use the computer at home?

Well, computers are used in households for multiple purposes. It allows working adults to stay connected to their co-workers, superiors and customers right at the comfort of their home. Thanks to this device and the Internet, children can also access remote learning anytime anywhere. On top of that, it can be a handy entertainment tool as people can play fascinating games, listen to trendy music or watch the latest films online. It is fair to say that a home is not complete without a computer.

Is it good to use computers at home?

Well, everything has two sides to it and the computer is no exception. For fair use, computers can be of immense help to people. Excessive use, however, might lead to serious health conditions and social issues. Too much screen time can take a toll on human eyes and promote a sedentary lifestyle which is closely linked to diabetes and obesity. Added to that, when people spend a great deal of time on the device, they might be deprived of meaningful social interactions in real life. This in turn could damage interpersonal relationships and family bonds.

Should parents control their children’s time using computers at home?

Absolutely, it’s critical to do so I believe. Children tend to get addicted to computer games easily and without restriction, their health and academic performance might suffer from excessive gaming. Additionally, a computer with internet connection could put them at risk of cyber-crime or online bullying. It is therefore vital for parents to stay on top of what their kids are doing with the computer at home.

What are the functions of computers at school?

For sure, the computer can be a crucial educational tool. This handy gadget are being used widely by educators because it could make lesson planning and delivery much easier and more effectively. Computer software can greatly enhance visual learning, enabling teachers to capture students’ attention during class. On top of that, computerisation has made testing somewhat more standardised and reliable than ever.

Will computers replace teachers?

That’s a tough question. While some people are certain that robots will eventually take over work of educators, I believe they will just remain an efficient assistant. On the one hand, computers, the Internet and cutting-edge AI applications are becoming increasingly popular these days, rendering traditional physical classrooms irrelevant for getting an education. On the other hand, home tutoring is impractical for most families and also, there are certain qualities of an outstanding teachers that robots can never possess. These might include empathy and compassion, which are uniquely human.

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