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Ielts Writing Task 1 Ireland Unemployment Rate 9.0

The chart below shows the unemployment rate and the number of people leaving Ireland from 1988 to 2008. Write a report.

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The area chart illustrates the number of people migrating from Ireland and the line graph shows changes in its unemployment rate from 1988 to 2008.

Overall, although the unemployment situation in Ireland improved significantly throughout the period, the number of citizens leaving the country only declined from 1992 to 2002 and then rose back sharply until 2008. In addition, the year 1988 saw the highest figure in both the unemployment rate and the quantity of emigrants.

Specifically, the proportion of unemployed people in Ireland started at around 17% in 1988 and then plummeted to 12% in 1990 before rising back to nearly 15% in 1992. It then dropped steadily to slightly over 5% in 2004, and this was the lowest point. During the next 4 years, it increased marginally and reached 6% in 2008.

With regard to emigration, nearly 60 thousand people left the country in 1988. This figure then fell sharply to about 35,000 people in 1992 despite a significant rise in the unemployment rate that year. Afterwards, the number of people leaving Ireland increased slightly and then gradually fell again to 25,000 in 2002, and this was the lowest figure. During the following 6 years, however, it bounced back and reached nearly 60,000 at the end of the period.

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