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Ielts Speaking Spend Time with Chidlren Part 3

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Children là topic mới của bộ đề dự đoán Ielts Speaking quý 2 2023 nên sẽ được giữ lại sang bộ đề dự đoán Ielts speaking quý 3 2023 (cuối) 2023 nhé:

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Is it important for parents to spend time with their child?

Absolutely. There is no way for parents to maintain a close-knit bond with their children other than spending quality time with them. This enables children to have a stable upbringing that can lay a solid foundation for their happiness and success later in life. The future of children depends on their early years in which they learn important values directly from their parents. Family bonding is beneficial for parents too as they can achieve a healthy work/life balance. By cooking and sharing meals, doing chores and having fun together, people can relieve stress and recharge their energy after an exhausting day at work.

Do you think parents now spend less time with their children than in the past? Why?

I couldn’t agree with you more. These days, parents are getting busier at work in order to pursue a successful career while children tend to spend more time at school or outside of their home for entertainment. As a result, they often come home late and rarely share meals or enjoy leisure time together. Even when they are together, they might focus on watching TV or playing games on their smartphones rather than talking to each other. So yeah, people are having less family time in terms of both quantity and quality.

Who usually take care of children in Vietnam?

Generally speaking, Vietnamese children are looked after by their grandparents and parents. Women are still the main caregiver in a family I’d say. Of course, dads are increasingly assuming greater domestic responsibilities, including childcare, but that might not be the case in rural areas. 

What do Vietnamese parents do if they are both busy and can’t look after their little kids?

Many people in Vietnam are still living in a multi-generation family so young parents tend to count on other family members to mind their child when they are busy. If they have no one to rely on, then they usually hire a nanny or send their child to a childcare center.

Do you think there are too many rules for young children to follow at school and at home? 

Yes, I’d say so. At home, they need to obey their parents and follow countless rules about their daily routines, manner and chores. For instance, they are expected to go to bed at a certain time or be respectful to their elders.  At school, they are bound by strict regulations over their behavior, appearance and attitude. It’s common that in most schools in Vietnam, students are not allowed to dye their hair or wear makeup. 

What kinds of rules are there in Vietnamese schools? – sample 2

I’d say that basically there are two kinds of rules implemented in educational institutions around Vietnam. The first one is codes of conduct or codes of ethics that govern behavior of students. This set of rules is critical because without them, misconducts such as cheating on exams, disrespectful behaviour, classroom disruptions and child abuse would be prevalent. Another common type of regulation in schools is the dress code which clearly states what kinds of outfits and hairstyles students should have.

Do you think children should follow all these rules? 

That’s an interesting question. I reckon that children don’t need to be obedient all the time. They should follow essential rules that are in their best interest like being kind and polite to others and being responsible. However, many other rules seem unnecessary and may restrict their development. For instance, Vietnamese children aren’t allowed to talk back to their parents. This might hinder their critical thinking skills, which is obviously an undesirable outcome. 

Do you think it is necessary for parents to make decisions for their children? 

It depends on the children’s age. Generally speaking, making decisions and taking full responsibility for them is a crucial skill children need to acquire. For young children, like babies and toddlers, they can decide for themselves on trivial matters such as which outfit to wear. However, the majority of decisions concerning their future must be made by their guardians who are more knowledgeable about the world. As for older children, I believe, probably from the age of 16, they are capable of making their own choices in not only day-to-day matters but also major issues such as study, career and relationships. Of course, parents still have a guiding role to play.

Do you think it is good for parents to help children choose friends?

Yes, I’d say so. Parents are more experienced so they might know better what kinds of people their kids should befriend. If they hang out with toxic friends, they might develop reckless behavior such as smoking or even commit delinquent acts. Of course, parents can’t pick their child’s friends but help and guidance is vital I think.

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