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Ielts Speaking Furniture Topic

Hướng dẫn trả lời topic Furniture – Ielts Speaking Part 1 quý 3 2020 – Sách Ielts Speaking 8.0 quý 3 full 3 Parts by Dương Vũ + bộ đề dự đoán chuẩn Ielts Speaking quý 3 2020 – Học Ielts Speaking band 6, 7, 8 – Sách tự học Ielts Speaking

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Do you have a lot of furniture in your home?  (Cấu trúc: This is mainly because) : we don’t have much furniture in …, just some typical wooden items such as wardrobes, tables and chairs. This is mainly because our rooms are not spacey enough for us to put every items we love. Also, we are living from paycheck to paycheck so my parents don’t want to squander money on unnecessary stuffs.

Which furniture do you like best in your home? (Cấu trúc Liệt kê: Let me see, my favourite piece of furniture in my house is … The primary reason is that it was given / constructed by … Besides, it is truly versatile; I mean it can go well with every  paint colour …)

What kind of furniture would you like to buy?  (điều kiện: if I was loaded with money/ rich, I would pay a fortune to own a massage chair. This is because I could unwind and recharge right at the comfort of my home after a hard working day. Also, my dad has some serious problems with his back so I think it would be of immense help …)

Is there anyone who bought furniture for you?  (Thời quá khứ: parents / rewards for excellent grades: new desk/ chair/ bookshelf + tả màu sắc, hình dáng (thời hiện tại)… + phát biểu cảm nghĩ love it, treasure it, take a very good care of it  …)

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