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Ielts Speaking Family Leisure Activity

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Ielts Speaking Cue Card Leisure Activity with family – Sample Answer in Ielts Speaking Book 2020 by Duong Vu – IDV Ielts

A leisure activity you did with your family & enjoyed

I was born and grew up in the countryside where entertainment facilities were limited. The concept of going to the cinema or an amusement park was completely unfamiliar to us. Looking back, however, I believe those carefree childhood years are actually the prime time of my life.

Since my parents were always working hard to make ends meet, our official leisure time was in the evening. We used to make dinner together and enjoyed it while watching the news on a second-hand TV set, the most valuable asset of our family at that time. After the meal, we all sat on a mat in the front porch and my dad would tell us fascinating stories about his childhood, about our grand grandparents or about the Vietnam War. I am truly grateful for his enormous effort in making sure we are brought up well.

At weekends, he would take us to the field so that we could help him out with farm work, just some easy jobs like watering plants or picking fruits. I was particularly fond of going fishing with him. He would teach us how to make the bait, attach it to the hook and spot the best places to put it into the water. At first, I didn’t see the point of sitting in vain for hours. However, since I caught the first fish, I have become a massive fan of going fishing.

I’m not so sure if these are considered leisure activities but I found them extremely enjoyable and educational at the same time. All these little things have left a lasting impact on my life, making me a kind-hearted, hardworking, resilient and optimistic person.

IDIOMS: make ends meet  /   in vain    /   a massive fan of   / at the same time

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