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Ielts Speaking Emails Topic

Do you use email?

Absolutely, it is an integral part of our life now. Emails allow us to apply for a job online or to send and receive information quickly and efficiently, all at our fingertips.

How often do you use email (or, write emails)?

I use it on a daily basis, mainly for my work. Every morning, I spend around 30 minutes to check, sort out and answer emails.

Do you prefer to use email or text messaging?

Well, it depends. If the message is formal and needs clear explanation, emails seem more appropriate. For a short notice or reminder, I think text messaging or instant messaging would be better.

Do you think it’s important to reply to emails immediately (or, quickly) after you receive them?

Absolutely. A prompt response shows we are professional and attentive. Even if we are unable to give an answer right away, it’s essential to acknowledge that we receive the messages.

Do you like to receive handwritten letters and cards?

Yes, I highly appreciate that. In this fast-paced digital age, if someone specially takes the time to write us a letter or a card by hand, this can only mean they love us so much.

Would you say your handwriting is easy for others to read?

Well, I think it’s quite clear to read when I take time to write properly. In case I have to take notes quickly or when I’m under pressure, however, I would fail to write neatly and legibly.

Do you prefer to write on a computer or to write using a pen?

Well, it depends. For long and formal documents, I will definitely use a computer because typing is faster and technology makes it easier to spot and correct mistakes. However, when taking notes or writing a journal entry, I would pick up a pen and a notebook.

Do you think a person’s handwriting reflects their personality?

I do think so. According to graphologists, average handwriting is associate

d with being adaptable, and wide spacing between words means a love for freedom. That’s so true for me.

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