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Ielts speaking Describe a school

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Well, I attended a regional gifted school for all primary grades and a large part of secondary level. Being a gifted student is quite something in Vietnam. I mean, people admire you and consider you an outstanding example for other kids. Obviously, there are downsides too but I truly enjoy the years I spent there.

The school was spacious and quite modern compared to other ordinary schools in the area. It was housed in the same complex with local education authority, so you can imagine we were provided with the most favourable conditions for studying. I remember there were 3 blocks in total, each had two floors and the walls were all painted in yellow, making the school noticeable from afar. It had a huge playground, a lake and a large garden with all kinds of trees and flowers. Students weren’t allowed to enter the garden without permission but whenever the guard wasn’t around, we would sneak in to pick fruits and flowers or just to catch some butterflies.

The curriculum of our gifted school was completely different from others’. We only focused on academic subjects that we were excellent at, including Math, Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Looking back, I’m a bit sad we didn’t get to learn other fascinating subjects such as art & crafts and music. So you see even a privilege comes at a price.

Still, I felt proud being part of a unique education system. It will soon become a thing of the past as there are no longer gifted schools for primary education in Vietnam now.

IDIOMS:  be quite something/   come at a price /  a thing of the past

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