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Ielts speaking Describe a family member

Ielts Speaking Cue Card Describe A Family Member you spent most of your time with/ you are close to

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When I was little, I was extremely close to my mother, following her everywhere. However, since I grew up, I’ve become closer to my dad. He is the one I would turn to for advice whenever I get stuck in life.

My dad is super hard-working. He is in his 60s now and his hair has turned grey but he’s still working strenuously on the field every day. I remember every weekend, he would take my brother and me to the farm and teach us how to grow vegetables and catch fish. He has always pushed me to work hard and make it an expectation of me. Thanks to his continuous encouragement, I’ve become more disciplined and confident. He keeps telling me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I’m always grateful for his tremendous effort to provide for our family and spend time with us to make sure we are well brought up.

No doubt, my dad is very strict but at the same time he has a great sense of humour. I grew up with his witty jokes which were able to make me laugh endlessly no matter how upset I was. Also, he is super optimistic. I’ve never heard him complaining about anything. He has taught me to find the good in bad situations and to always look on the bright side. He is absolutely a joy to be around.

All in all, my father have been the ultimate role model for me. He has done everything possible to raise us to the best we can be. I hope to become a great parent like him in the future.

IDIOMS: set my mind to / at the same time /  look on the bright side   /  a joy to be around

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