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Ielts Speaking Air Travel Topic

Ielts Speaking Part 3 topic Air Travel – Sample answers by Dương Vũ Ielts Speaking Book band 8 full 3 parts – Học Ielts Speaking band 6, 7, 8 – Sách tự học Ielts Speaking tốt

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  • Do you think travelling by plane is common in your country?

Yes. In the past, it was not so popular in Vietnam due to high cost but now it has become a widely – chosen means of transport for everyone. The establishment of several cheap airlines might be the major reason behind increasing popularity of air travel.

  • What are advantages & disadvantages of travelling by plane?

Well, compared to train and bus in Vietnam, air travel, especially international travel, seems faster, more convenient and possibly more comfortable for those who can afford higher class tickets. I’m not sure about other countries that have state-of-the-art metros and subways but I suppose people also look for the special feeling of flying in the sky. Certainly, travelling by planes has several downsides too. Flight delays, lengthy and troublesome check-in procedures and luggage loss are common problems air passengers might encounter.  On top of that, air travel is not sustainable since it generates a massive amount of toxic emissions that pollute the air.

  • Do you think airplanes should be banned?

I’m not sure. On the one hand, banning air travel would help reduce air pollution significantly. On the other hand, this would make it extremely difficult for people and products to travel across countries efficiently, which might lead to an economic downturn on global scale. It seems impractical to ban airplanes and instead people should try to mitigate their travelling by air.

  • What are pros & cons of living near an airport?

That’s a tough question really. I’ve never lived near an airport but I can imagine it would be quite fun. People can see airplanes taking up every day and the short distance makes it super convenient for those who frequently travel by air. However, it could be extremely uncomfortable to live in such places due to constant loud noise caused by planes’ taking up and landing.

  • Are there any solutions to that problems? (living an near airport)

Well, the most feasible option is to restrict residential areas in proximity to airports. Also, the government should have policies to limit new airport construction projects in urban areas as well as in other applicable regions.

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