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Ielts Speaking A time you set goal

I am going to tell you a fascinating story about a goal I successfully conquered in my last year at university. Obviously, it was a tough time for everyone. However, unlike my friends who were pushing themselves hard to make a last minute leap in their academic achievements, I had no desire to improve my grades.

I did worry a lot, not about my GPA, but about work and I promised myself I would find a job prior to graduation. I had been searching for opportunities for like 6 months, but I was not qualified for any as they all required at least 2 years of working experience. The other day, I came across a poster for a management trainee program in a big multinational corporation. I decided to apply, just out of curiosity. The screening (recruiting) process was a real challenge. We had to go through four rounds in total: IQ test, EQ test, group presentation and then final interview. I tried hard to practice all relevant tests I could find online. For the interview, I asked for advice from some seniors and did a lot of rehearsal. I performed well in the first three rounds but I was uncertain about the last since my interviewers appeared unfriendly and a bit intimidating.

The results were expected to come out one week later, which I felt like 2 months waiting. Finally, the big day came and I got up super early that day to check my inbox constantly until I saw I had an unread email from them. I think my heart stopped at that moment. This incredible achievement has taught me to always believe in myself and to pour all my heart into anything I set my mind to. Hard work truly pays off I believe.

IDIOMS: pour my heart into   /  set my mind to  /   hard work pays off

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