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Ielts Speaking A mistake you made

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Well, I suppose everyone makes mistakes in their life. I did. And while I do not regret about most of them, there are a few I wish I could just undo. Let me tell you about my recent wrongdoing. Just a couple of months ago, I lied to my Mom about the origin of the phone I gave her.

I’m currently working in Hanoi and intend to settle here. My parents are still living in the countryside, which is a 3-hour drive away. Sometimes, I miss them so badly but my hectic schedule doesn’t allow me to return to my hometown as often as I wish. I thought it would be a great idea to buy Mom a smartphone so that I could make a video call to see her. The thing is, I knew my Mom would not accept it since her Nokia black and white phone was still in perfect condition. So I came up with a brilliant plan. I bought an IPhone, just an old model of course. I didn’t want it to look too pricey or trendy. I gave it to her and told her I got it in a lucky draw program and that I didn’t need two identical phones. I spent hours showing her how amazing and handy it is. I even made a demo video call for her to see. In the end, she agreed to keep it. Needless to say, I was so thrilled because my plan worked out well.

A few days later, however, my mom called me and asked why I lied to her. My younger brother had told her that I actually bought the phone with my hard-earned money. How stupid I was for not telling him to keep it a secret. I immediately apologized to mom and explained everything. Even if I had no choice I know I shouldn’t have lied.

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