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Ielts Social Network Topic

Social Networks – Social Media

Do you use social media / networks?

Definitely. I have Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. I use them mainly for business.

Do you like to use Facebook?

I used to love it, a fantastic way to stay connected to my family and friends. Now, I’m not sure if I still like it. More and more advertisements are placed in my newsfeed and I find most of them quite annoying.

How did you first find out about social media websites?

I first learnt about Facebook through my friends. They uploaded some nice photos of their recent trip and sent me a link. And I discovered YouTube when searching for a video of my favourite song.

Is social media very popular in your country?

Absolutely. Many people are now addicted to the sites, especially Facebook. They mindlessly scroll through their newsfeed every few minutes to see what their friends are doing or what’s trending.

Do you think social media will become more popular in the future?

I doubt that. The rise of social media platforms in the past few years is incredible and I think they are reaching their peaks. They might continue to attract more users for a short while but in the long terms, I believe people are leaving them for private networks or real life interactions.

In the future, do you think you will use social media more than you do now, or less?

Well, I think I’ll use them less often. I’m trying to cut down my Facebook time and spend more time with my family and friends in real life. For my business, we’re focusing on other marketing channels as social media platforms are becoming more competitive and less effective now.

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