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Ielts Essay Qualities For Success Learned At Universities

Some people think the qualities a person needs to become successful in today’s world cannot be learned at a university or similar academic institutions. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

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It is true that many people are immensely successful despite dropping out of schools. Some people believe that qualities needed for success in the modern world can not be acquired through university education. I disagree with this statement and this essay will elaborate on my reasons. 

Admittedly, some people have innate qualities that make them successful. Firstly, ambition is an admirable trait that can be commonly found in many people who have achieved huge success. Having a strong drive to succeed, even succeed immensely is part of the journey. It is highly unlikely that a person can be trained to become more ambitious at schools. Secondly, being naturally gifted can give people a head start over others and become successful early in life. A considerable number of child prodigies have been recorded so far. Mozart, for example, could compose music at the age of five or Michael Jackson was also known for his world-class singing and dancing at a very young age. Having inborn talents was a definite advantage for him and obviously such inherent gifts cannot be learned.

However, I believe a considerable number of qualities and skills required for success can be taught in universities and other academic institutions. One of the most fundamental skills people need to acquire on their journey to success is setting goals. Without having a specific target or a destination in mind, people would easily get lost. At schools and universities, students are encouraged to set their learning objectives and strive to reach them.The practice of setting and achieving small goals might lay a solid foundation for their significant accomplishments in the future. Another key ability of high-achieving people is excellent problem-solving skills which can be fostered through art and science education. By trying to solve math problems or complete their scientific assignments, students can sharpen their analytical thinking and creative thinking, and become more proficient at finding actionable solutions for challenges they face in life.

In conclusion, while several traits required for success can not be taught at schools, I believe there are other essential qualities that can be obtained through higher education.

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