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Ielts Essay Museums Art Galleries Band 8

Some people think public museums and art galleries are no longer needed because people can now see historical objects and works of art on the Internet using computers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Art and history play crucial roles in any society. However, it is sometimes argued that art galleries and museums are no longer needed today due to the rising popularity of the Internet and computers. I disagree with this assertion and this essay will elaborate on my reasons.

Admittedly, it is easy and convenient to learn about the artwork or the history of any area online these days. Most people now have a laptop or a smartphone connected to the Internet, meaning that they might access countless pieces of art or historical objects anytime, anywhere. Besides, cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality and 3-D filming combined with the wide availability of detailed information about these subjects on virtual platforms have allowed people to appreciate art and historical objects at the comfort of their home for almost no charge. For instance, Vietnamese people might admire the Mona Lisa in high-resolution videos on Youtube without having to travel to Paris. 

However, I disagree with the view that museums and art galleries are not needed anymore. To begin with, seeing artifacts and art pieces in person has substantial benefits that can not be offered by seeing them online. Viewers are likely to obtain a more intriguing and interactive once-in-a-lifetime experience when visiting these places in real life. Such first-hand experience might not only boost their ability to appreciate art and understand history but also make them fonder of these subjects. Additionally, …

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