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Ielts Essay Band 8 9 Crime Nature or Nurture

Some scientists believe that studying the behavior of 3-year-old children can predict their criminality. To what extent do you think a crime is a product of human nature, or is it possible to stop children from growing up to be criminals?

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What is the root cause of crime has remained a contentious topic. It has been claimed by some scientists that studying the behavioral patterns of 3-year olds can reveal their criminal tendency in the future. I, however, incline to the view that criminality is mainly a product of nurture, and thus it is possible to prevent crime by providing children with a healthy environment to grow up.

Admittedly, there are inborn traits that might increase people’s likelihood of committing unlawful activities. Children who are aggressive tend to bully their peers and their violent behavior might lead them towards crime later in life. Similarly, those with low empathy or a lazy nature are more likely to resort to criminal acts in order to solve conflicts or get out of a desperate financial situation.

However, I believe environmental factors such as poverty and unstable upbringing are the underlying cause of crime rather than genetic factors. A large number of offenders are from families with no criminal records, meaning that they are not destined for crime by genetic disposition. Instead, the majority of crimes are committed due to perpetrators’ personal circumstances. Children growing up in dysfunctional families and suffering from parental neglect or domestic abuse tend to develop antisocial behavior and subsequently lead a criminal life. In addition, those living in poverty-stricken areas with prevalent crime are more likely to engage in illegal activities since they lack positive role models. If they had been born into a stable loving family and grown up in a healthy environment, they would have become well-adjusted individuals and contributing members of society.

In conclusion,….

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