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Special Clothes Costumes Ielts Speaking

SPECIAL CLOTHES / COSTUMES – Sample Band 8 by Sách Ielts Speaking Dương Vũ Full Sample 3 Parts + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết part 1, 2, 3 bản update 2021: https://idvielts.com/sach-ielts-speaking-duong-vu/

Hướng dẫn chiến lược trả lời Ielts Speaking đạt điểm caohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq4oXltoHt0

Special clothes là topic Part 1 mới của bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 2 2021 nên sẽ tiếp tục thi trong Bộ đề Ielts Speaking Forecast quý 3 2021 các bạn nhé:

Do you like to wear special clothes?

I’m not sure what you meant by “special clothes” but generally, I don’t feel comfortable in weird outfits like disguise clothing or historical costumes, except our lovely traditional dress. I find it extremely flattering and elegant.

Did you wear any special costumes when you were young?

Yes. I remember participating in a play when I was in third grade. The performance’s theme was Christmas origin and I was asked to dress like an angel. To my dismay, the costumes were poorly designed and I looked anything but angelic. I did, however, have a great time.

When was the last time you wore a special costume?

Well, let me see. It’s been a long time since the last time I put on an unusual outfit. It was my graduation ceremony and I had to wear a weird black gown which was way too long for me. Added to that, the cap didn’t fit me and almost fell off my head. I must have looked miserable on that scorching summer day.

Have you ever bought any special costumes?

Never in a million years did I think of purchasing one. I couldn’t see the point of investing in a set of clothes that would be appropriate for only a few occasions. I’d rather rent them instead and save money for more urgent needs.

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