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Ielts Speaking Patience Topic

Câu Trả Lời Mẫu Ielts Speaking chủ đề Patience

Are you a patient person?

I guess so. I feel comfortable waiting in queue or being held up in traffic. Also, when I’m determined to do something, I will stick through it till the end no matter how hard it gets.

When are you impatient?

I feel uneasy, anxious or even annoyed when someone receives my email or messages but fails to get back to me within 24 hours. They should at least confirm of receiving my emails.

Do you think you are more patient now than when you were younger?

Sure, I used to lose my temper when being kept waiting even for just 10 minutes and I would try to rush things. I now have no problem with waiting as long as I know I don’t wait for nothing.

Do you think you will be more patient in the future?

Probably. I’ve learned to be patient with other people and I hope I will be able to be more patient with myself too. I need to stop pushing myself too hard. The older I get, the better I understand that any worthwhile achievements take time.

Are you patient in your work or study?

Well, in the past, I couldn’t sit at my desk studying for an hour straight but now I can spend several hours preparing a presentation or a report for an upcoming business meeting. Deadline is one thing but what’s more important is that our ability to concentrate also increases with age I think.

Can you explain why some people are not very patient?

I think some people are born impatient, as part of their character. They easily lose control or get stressed out when things are not going the way they expect. Another reason is that due to the fast pace of modern life, people want quick results and they just can’t wait.

Do you think people should be patient?

Definitely, haste makes waste. A lack of patience would urge people to give up easily and thus fail to achieve anything significant. It’s important to take small steps and make little progress over time. Perseverance really makes the difference.

How do you feel when other people are impatient?

In the past, I would feel nervous and began to lose patience too. Now I tend to stay calm and try to figure out why they become impatient so that I could help them if necessary.

Would you say young people are more patient than older people?

I don’t think so. I believe young people especially children and teens are less patient than older people. They just can’t stand the boredom of waiting while adults are more experienced and know how life really works.

Can you give any examples of work that require patience?

Well, anyone who wishes to succeed at work has to be patient. However, I believe there are some kinds of jobs that require a high level of patience such as teaching children with autism or dealing with customer complaints all day.

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