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Ielts Speaking Part 2 An Activity At Primary School You Enjoyed

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What activity & with whom

How you did it

Why you enjoyed it


Off the top of my head, the activity that I enjoyed the most when I was studying in primary school was our literature teacher reading stories to us. I still remember how I eagerly looked forward to that session every week.

Our teacher would read to us a short story like a fable or a fairy tale and ask us what we had learned from it. She had an expressive and smooth voice and her eyes sparkled when she read well-written lines or happy endings. 

Sometimes she also told us stories about her own life and her passion for travel and meeting people from different cultures. She described the remote mountains she climbed, the bustling markets she explored, and the warm-hearted people she met along the way. It was clear that she had lived a life full of remarkable experiences, and I felt excited to be able to discover the world through her lens

What struck me most was the morals of her stories. They taught me the value of hard work, courage and resilience, as well as the profound sense of gratitude for life’s simple pleasures. Through reading and listening to such meaningful stories, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and fresh perspectives that have shaped my inner world. 

I’m forever grateful for that teacher and her reading classes. After each of her lessons, I would leave the school with a renewed appreciation for the depth and richness of life.

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