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Ielts Speaking Part 1 Sunglasses

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Do you wear sunglasses? Why do you wear sunglasses?

Yes. I have a pair of sunglasses. I use them when I go out on scorching summer days to protect my eyes from excessive heat. I also wear them when I travel to the countryside because there are a lot of tiny insects flying around and without sunglasses, they can accidentally get into my eyes.   

Do you spend a lot of money on sunglasses?

No, I don’t really care much about eyewear. I just buy a decent pair I can afford and use them for many years. I have no idea why people splurge on expensive sunglasses. To me, they are nothing more than just protective equipment. 

Have you lost your sunglasses?

No I haven’t. I always take great pride in my excellent memory. I rarely forget where I put my belongings.

Have you given sunglasses as a gift ?

No. It’s hard to choose a perfect pair of sunglasses for someone without having them there to try on. I’d rather give them flowers or treat them to a nice meal instead.

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