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Ielts Speaking Movie Part 3 Sample 9.0

Ielts speaking movie Part 3 – Band 9 sample by cô Dương Vũ 8.5 Ielts from Ielts Speaking Book by Dương Vũ:

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What makes a good movie? 

I’d say there are many factors/ elements that contribute to the success of a movie. Firstly, it must have an intriguing plot with thrilling twists to capture viewers’ attention. Watching such a film is like going through an emotional roller coaster, and that’s why people might want to watch it again and again. Secondly, the leading actor and actress who play the roles of protagonists must possess impeccable acting skills. Without talented actors, the movie would be second-rate. Finally, it should convey meaningful messages or life lessons that are valuable & relatable to the audience. People might decide to watch a movie simply for its entertaining values but they are more likely to rewatch it if they can relate to it on a deep level.

Do you think the director of a movie is more important than its script?

That’s a tricky question. I would have to say that both the director and the script are of great importance to a blockbuster movie but an eminent director is paramount. Of course/ Unquestionably / There is no denying that a captivating and well-written script can lay the foundation for movie success. However, without a talented/ capable/ renowned director, the value of the script would lie on paper only. By selecting the right cast and strictly supervising the production process, the director can breathe life into the script and turn it into a phenomenal success/ a cinematic masterpiece.

Do you think watching films is for relaxation only?

Definitely not. Though dramas and films were originally born for entertainment only, I believe they have a wider role to play in modern society. People might watch films to kill time, to have fun, to escape into a fantasy world and also to learn. They can be a fantastic mood booster and a valuable learning source at the same time. Without meaningful educational values and messages, it’s hard for any films to win people’s hearts.

Where do people usually watch movies in Vietnam?

Though cinemas are becoming increasingly popular in big cities, I believe most people in Vietnam prefer watching movies at home. Wide-screen TVs and movie streaming services such as Netflix are now widely available and affordable. Besides, people can save a bit of money and feel more comfortable when watching movies at home.

Is going to the cinema more popular than in the past? 

If we’re speaking of Vietnam, I’d say so. Thanks to a higher standard of living, Vietnamese people increasingly splash out more on their social life. Actually, going to the cinema is one of the most widely-preferred leisure activities in major cities. As a symbol of urban lifestyle, movie going makes a fantastic way for teenagers to hang out with their friends, for couples to go on a romantic date or for families to have fun together. Of course, I would have to say that this pastime has become more popular among youngsters than older people.

Why do young people like going to the cinemas?

Well, as I mentioned youngsters are easily attracted to trendy and cosmopolitan glamor on the big screen. Also, they tend to have a more active social life than their old counterparts. And most importantly, they have more time to kill than busy-working adults.

What is the difference between watching a movie at home and watching it in a cinema?

The way I see it, watching movies at home seems more economical and comfortable. People can enjoy the comfort of their house and make as much noise as they want. Cinemas, on the other hand, might offer a more thrilling experience as they provide larger screens and better audio quality. 

Should the government invest in the film industry? 

Yes, I’d say so. Film and its supporting industries can generate a considerable number of jobs and foster economic growth. The South Korean government, for example, has invested generously in several film projects to promote their national image and cultural export, leading to the fast-growing popularity of Korean products around the world, from fashion and cosmetics to household appliances. On top of that, a big blockbuster like The Lord of the Rings can also boost local tourism as the movie’s fans flock to its filming locations. 

Has the Vietnamese government done that?

As far as I know, the filmmaking industry in Vietnam is still rather undeveloped and the government has shown no interest in growing it so far. There is a state-owned film studio but most of its productions have failed to become popular due to a severe lack of financial resources and talents. With that said, several private studios run by Vietnamese people have been established recently and they have successfully captured the hearts of Vietnamese film buffs with their blockbuster productions.

What kinds of movies are popular in Vietnam?

There are several genres of films that are commonly shown on television and in cinemas in Vietnam. Korean soap operas and Chinese period dramas rule the small screen while western science-fiction, romantic comedy and horror films are dominant on the big screen.

How is film making today different from in the past?

Without a doubt, technology has radically transformed the way movies are produced. The most radical transformation might probably be the adoption of cutting-edge equipment in filming, which has resulted in far more realistic, high-definition pictures and sound quality. Another notable difference would be the application of computer software in film editing. This has made movies become more gripping than ever thanks to incredible  visual effects and graphic animation.

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