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Ielts Essay Band 8 Famous People Privacy

Some people believe that media should be allowed to publish information about the private lives of famous people. Others say that everybody has a right to privacy and this practice must be controlled or even banned. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Dưới đây là dàn ý + ideas cho topic này, dạng Both Views mỗi đoạn thân bài các bạn thảo luận khách quan 1 view và opinion của mình cho vào kết bài nhé, nếu cả 2 đoạn chỉ viết về 1 view mình ủng hộ các bạn sẽ bị trừ điểm nặng.

Các bạn chọn  ideas cho mỗi view và sắp xếp cho logic nhé.

View 1: Media should not be allowed to publish news about private lives of high-profile personalities.

Media intrusion into private lives of famous people has resulted in a number of court cases

Privacy is an essential human right which should be respected

It can be extremely annoying and stressful to be followed by paparazzi everywhere

Advanced photographic equipment has enabled journalists to take pictures of celebrities without their knowledge or consent

It is an ongoing trend for media to publish photos or stories that are demeaning to the image of a high-profile personality in order to boost their audience ratings and advertising revenue

This is illegal and immoral since everyone has their own flaws or secrets which they want to shield from the public

A public figure’s reputation and dignity can be destroyed overnight just because of mass media’s exposure of unverified scandalous information about them

View 2: Media should be allowed to publish information about private lives of famous people.

This is mutual dependency and both sides can benefit from it

An unfiltered photo or a candid story of a celebrity can sometimes raise their public profile and fan base

Their fame and success is partly attributed to this type of free publicity

Extensive press coverage might enhance the influence of a well-known personality

Ordinary people have a right to know whether an influential actor, singer, athlete or politician meet moral standards

The right of free expression is equally important as the right to privacy

The laws should set clearly how much access the media can have to the daily lives of the famous and the amount of privacy any individual should be entitled to.


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