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A book An important item in your family

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Sample 8.0+ An Interesting Book You Read

Well, this topic reminded me of a special gift I received from my best friend who is now residing in England. It was a book called “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, one of the most classic books of all time and has been my bible ever since.

The book was first published about 60 years ago but still holds the same value until today. It is considered by many as one of the most influential self-help books that provided wonderful, yet practical advice on how to become a social person. My version is the 14th edition with a hard, black cover engraved with the title in gold script. The book comprises 6 main sections, each focusing on one aspect varying from dealing with people, presenting yourself in a proper way to influencing others. Those are timeless lessons that can be widely applied on a daily basis as well as on formal occasions.

There is plenty to take out from “How to win friends and influence people” but the one thing that I’ve found most applicable and everyone should practice it was “6 ways to make people like you” principle. It might sound as easy as pie and inevitable truth like smiling and being a good listener. However, few have mastered it since they failed to acknowledge the importance of simple but powerful acts. I’ve read the book countless times but still struggle to bring those philosophies into life. But practice makes perfect you know.

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