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Do you like robots?

Not really. Though they are helpful in various aspects of our lives, I find them a bit intimidating. Probably I’ve watched too many science fiction movies about robots posing an existential threat to humankind. Besides, most of them look weird, especially humanoids. 

Have you learned how robots are made?

No, I haven’t. I’m totally unfamiliar with the world of robotics. I guess they are produced in the same way as other machines such as cars or washing machines, except that they are powered by a superintelligent computer or AI.

What kinds of robots can be found at home?

Of course, there are a wide range of household robots that can replace people to do chores, assist / take care of the elderly or keep children entertained. The one that is most common in Vietnamese families now is the autonomous vacuum. These types of robots are indeed incredible helpers.

Would you like to buy a robot? What robot would you buy?

Yes, I’d love to have some small cute robots around the house. If I could afford one now, I would buy an autonomous vacuum. I would never have to worry about sweeping or mopping my room floor.

How can teachers teach students about innovation?

I reckon that they should incorporate more STEM projects into their lessons to nurture students’ innovative mindset. Besides, traditional education methods such as rote-learning should be replaced by interactive and  hands-on learning to encourage learners’ independent and creative thinking.

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