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Ielts Speaking Celebrities Part 1

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Do you have a favorite celebrity?

Yes. I’m a huge fan of Korean idols such as Blackpink. I was really impressed with their charm when I first saw them. They are extremely popular among youngsters in Asia. 

Sample 2:

Yes. I’ve been a big fan of Taylor Swift since I was a middle school student. She is such a talented singer and she has won prestigious musical awards multiple times. She has had profound impacts on my life.

Sample 3

I don’t idolize / worship any celebrities but I do like some celebrities more than others. I really love Taylor S because of her down-to-earth/ laid-back personality and remarkable/ incredible/ outstanding talents.

Do you often read or watch news about celebrities?

No. Currently, I’m up to my ears in study so I barely have time for keeping up with the news about them. Also I think they are somewhat irrelevant to my life 

Sample 2

No. Now, I’m super busy preparing for the national university entrance exam so I don’t care much about them. 

Sample 3

I’m not into reading news about them but sometimes it appears on my newsfeed unexpectedly and I just take a glance at it. 

Do you believe in what the media say about celebrities?

It depends on how reliable it is. If the information has been verified/ confirmed by the celebrity, then it can be trusted/ might be trustworthy. However, if it’s just a dubious rumor or unverified news, then I believe we should take it with a grain of salt because the media tend to distort the truth to attract viewers./ increase viewership.

***take something with a grain of salt = cân nhắc, xem xet cẩn thận

What kinds of celebrities often appear in the news in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, famous singers, actors and sports stars often appear in the media. By circulating news about them, media platforms can increase viewership and thus earn higher advertising revenue.

Sample 2:

Famous/ well-known Singers and actors often make headlines in VN because they have a huge fanbase. Reporting about their private lives might increase viewership and advertising revenues for media companies.

Have you met a celebrity in real life?

Yes I have. I met Dan Truong and Phuong Ly who are renowned Vietnamese singers at the year-end party of my company last year. I felt fascinated/ excited because I have been their fan since I was little.

Would you like to become a celebrity?

If I could choose, I would never become a celebrity because I’m a private/ quiet person. I don’t want to be constantly in the spotlight and I dread exposing my private lives to the public. 

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