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Ielts Speaking A picture or photo in your home

Describe a picture/ photograph in your home sample answer 

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Well, there is a type of picture you might haven’t heard of but can be found in almost every Vietnamese home, the feng shui paintings. They are named after an extremely popular concept in Asian culture, the feng shui. Local people believe it could boost the flow of positive energy in a house. We choose them according to our Asian zodiac signs. Mine is fire so I hung a set of tree paintings in my living room because trees are supposed to fuel fire.

Feng shui pictures typically feature elements of the earth including metals, trees, water, fire and soil. They come in different shapes and sizes, and materials too. In addition to the traditional water-color or oil paintings, we now also have fengshui paintings made of ceramic, jewels and silk.

Feng shui paintings place a strong emphasis on a balanced and harmonious composition. Actually, each set consists of four separate pictures depicting different kinds of scenery, trees or flowers, typical of a season: conifer for winter, daisy for autumn, bamboo for summer and peach blossoms for spring. Apart from these common motifs, koyfish is sometimes also added because it is associated with abundance and good fortune.

Fengshui paintings are said to bring luck, prosperity and good health to home owners. I’m not sure about that but I have to say they make an extraordinary mood booster. I always feel relaxed and calm looking at nature and landscape pictures.

IDIOMS: come in all (different) shapes and sizes  / Apart from / Mood booster

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