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Ielts Speaking A local product

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I find it fascinating that each province in Vietnam has its own specialty food. My hometown is renowned for its unique recipe of pork rolls. It’s a mixture of boiled pork, pig skin and roasted rice flour wrapped with herbs in fresh banana leaves.

The process of preparing this delicacy is highly elaborate and time-consuming. All ingredients must be of the finest quality and be made or grown in local area, which explains why it tastes completely different from other kinds of pork rolls in Vietnam. The first key ingredient is pig skin that must be carefully cleaned and boiled for a few minutes, not too long or it will become sticky. The boiled skin is then sliced into super thin, transparent strips. This is no easy task. Local people take great pride in making the thinnest strips and only men with the most skilled hands are capable of doing this.

The other main ingredient, pork, is processed almost in the same way. The only difference is that after being moderately cooked and seasoned, it must be pounded to create a lean and smooth texture. The true heart and soul of this dish, however, lies in the roasted rice flour made from a fragrant rice that can be grown in our region only. The combination of all these ingredients results in an extraordinary flavor no one can resist. To me, it tastes just like home. It gets even more delicious when you know how much effort and passion people have put into its preparation.

IDIOM: is no easy task  /  take great pride in  /   the heart and soul of

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