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Ielts Essay Population Aging Band 8

It is expected that there will be a higher proportion of old people (than young people) in many countries in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development? (Viet y dạng Advantages/ Disadvantages – Topic: Population Aging)

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Cách nghĩ ra idea: WHO ARE INVOLVED: the government  + citizens  (society: young people and elderly people)  

Population aging is a huge problem facing many countries in the world. It is predicted that the proportion of elderly people in these nations will be larger than that of young people. This, I believe, is a negative/ undesirable development because it brings multiple drawbacks and virtually no benefit.

One major drawback of population aging is that it might create huge challenges for the government to address. A rapid increase in the proportion of elderly citizens might lead to a shrinking workforce, meaning that there would be more retirees than working-age people. This may hinder/ impede economic development and reduce tax revenues for the government. Added to that, there will be a massive increase in pension payment, which places a great burden on public spending. The government will be under enormous financial pressure and lack money to invest in essential areas such as education and social protection, leading to lower quality of life. 

Furthermore, population aging might have serious repercussions for society.  To begin with, the growing proportion of old people would lead to rising healthcare demands and costs. This might put enormous pressure on the healthcare system and their families.  Working-age people might be overburdened with their workloads and the responsibility of looking after their elders. In addition,  this trend might give rise to youth unemployment. The elderly tend to reduce their overall consumption of products and services, meaning that there would be fewer jobs created. Not to mention, as old people live longer, they might choose to retire late, which may exacerbate the situation. 

In conclusion, I believe population aging is a negative development because it can pose massive challenges for political leaders and the public alike. Governments should take immediate measures to reverse this demographic trend.

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