Ielts essay Old Building Restoration band 8 - IELTS IDV

Ielts essay Old Building Restoration band 8

SAMPLE BAND 8 – (Counter-argument) – Written by Dương Vũ – IDV :

Restoration of old buildings in main cities involves enormous government expenditure. It would be more beneficial to spend this money to build new houses and roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The cost of restoring historic buildings in major cities may put the government budget under strain. It is believed by many that such expenses should be diverted to the construction of new houses and roads. I disagree with this view since these age-old structures still hold outstanding significance for any nations.

Cogent reasons for funding the restoration of heritage buildings include their tremendous cultural significance and economic value. Historic monuments represent a crucial part of culture as they offer profound insights into a country’s history and traditions. In addition, a large number of old buildings are aethetically pleasing and add character to a city, which can greatly boost local tourism. A prime example of this is Hoi An old town in Central Vietnam which has received global attention for its well-preserved traditional houses. Without them, Hoi An would look like any other sprawling cities and few tourists would visit it, resulting in severe losses of jobs and income.

Admittedly, not all old buildings deserve to be restored. This, however, does not mean that they should all be demolished to provide greater spaces and budgets for further development projects. Even if they were torn down, the resources gained (rút gọn bị động) would be insufficient to tackle urban overcrowding in the long term. Furthermore, modern skyscrapers could be erected anywhere in ever-expanding suburbs but once historic structures are destroyed, they and their intangible values would be lost forever.

In conclusion, channelizing public funding into the maintainance of historic buildings appears to be a wise investment and urban expansion should not be pursued at the expense of these invaluable heritage sites. Governments might consider cutting their military expenditures or look elwhere to raise funds for addressing the issues of housing shortage and inadequate transport infrastructure in urban areas.

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