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Ielts Essay Detailed Descriptions of Crime

Some people think that giving detailed descriptions of crimes in newspapers and on TV can have negative consequences, and therefore this kind of information should be restricted in the media. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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There has been growing concern over the detailed / meticulous descriptions of heinous crimes in the media over the last decades. Some people believe that this practice can have serious repercussions and thus restrictions should be imposed on it. I strongly agree with this notion and this essay will elaborate on my reasons. 

Admittedly, describing criminal scenes in detail in the media can bring certain benefits to society. It could deter the public from committing crimes because they witness the severe consequences of criminal acts and the excruciating pain inflicted upon the victims and their family. Besides, it may raise public awareness of crimes and people might take precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

However, I am strongly against giving meticulous descriptions of crimes in the media as I believe its benefits are overshadowed by its drawbacks. The first reason is that such content is inappropriate for young viewers, especially adolescents and might be counterproductive. It may disturb them and as their cognition has not fully developed, they might even idolize those criminals for doing unthinkable things and want to challenge themselves by committing the same crime. For example, many teenagers in Vietnam got involved in organized bullying after watching bullying videos on Facebook. Furthermore, the prevalence of heinous crime in the media, especially movies, can perpetuate a negative mentality among viewers as they tend to assume that crime is rampant in society. Indeed, being exposed to such content for a long time can increase their risks of developing mental conditions such as depression and anxiety disorder.

In conclusion, although providing detailed descriptions of crimes can raise public awareness of criminal acts, I believe this practice might exert unintended impacts on young generations and have serious repercussions for society, and therefore should be prohibited.

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