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Ielts Essay Band 9 Citizens Paying Taxes

Some people think that paying taxes is enough to contribute to society. However, others think that people have more responsibilities as a citizen. Discuss both these views and give your opinion

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The contributions of individuals are of paramount importance to the development of a country. Some people think that paying taxes is enough while others claim that citizens have other duties to fulfill. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and then I will give my own perspective.

Advocates of paying taxes only often argue that their financial contributions help maintain all essential public facilities and services of their country. Individuals are already overburdened with commitments to their family and work. Paying taxes is probably the most practical way for them to fulfill their social responsibilities. The government appears to be in a better position to perform social work for the public interest. It can use collected tax revenue to invest in their national infrastructure, healthcare, education system and security forces, which would ensure their country’s equitable and sustainable growth. Taxpayers’ money can also fund the operation of charitable organizations that take care of vulnerable people, including the elderly, the homeless and disadvantaged children.

However, many claim that taxpayers have other duties to meet in order to become responsible citizens. Firstly, they should obey the law and steer clear of activities that might have harmful impacts on others. If, for example, business owners make huge profits from illegal trade and pay a great amount of corporate taxes, they still cannot be considered contributing members of society. Secondly, conscientious citizens also need to support and join in community building efforts. Only when individuals take concrete actions to embrace sustainable lifestyles, can pressing issues such as environmental pollution, climate change and traffic congestion be fully addressed. In other words, society would be much better if all members are conscious of their impacts and contributions.

In conclusion, while playing taxes constitutes a major duty of all citizens, I believe they have far wider obligations to fulfill. Individuals must also respect the law and actively get involved in the collective effort to build a sustainable society.

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