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An Event You did not like its music

Ielts Speaking Part 2 An event you attended but didn’t like the music – Sample 8.0+ from Ielts Speaking Book by Duong Vu –  Sách tự học Ielts Speaking hướng dẫn chi tiết cách trả lời, ý tưởng, kèm câu trả lời mẫu BAND 8 cho bộ đề dự đoán Ielts Speaking chuẩn mới nhất:

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This topic reminded me of a recent event I joined but had to leave half way because of the loud music played there. It was a birthday party of a colleague I rarely hanged out with actually. I accepted her invitation just out of politeness because other team members would be there. It was held in a fancy bar which is quite popular among youth in Hanoi…

It was my first time visiting a bar since I’m not a fan of crowded places you know. I was quite nervous but everyone said it was a great opportunity to let our hair down after a hard-working day. So I decided to give it a try but upon entering the bar I was overwhelmed. It was so frantic and chaotic. People went wild and all danced to the sickening music produced by a DJ. Never in my life had I heard such irritating sounds. They were incessant, abrupt and provoking at the same time. I thought I should grab some drinks and endure till the end but I couldn’t stand that deafening music anymore. I tried to come up with an excuse, apologized and took a leave. Since that day, I’ve never set foot in any other bars or clubs. I have no idea why people can chill out in such places. Or perhaps there are different bars with comforting music elsewhere but I’ve had a painful experience. Once bitten and twice shy you know.

Keywords: deafening /  awful/ sickening / irritating / incessant / drive me crazy

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