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Speaking Part 3 Sky Star Space

Ielts Speaking Part 3 Topic Sky Star Space Study – Sample Answers in Ielts Speaking Book 2020 by Duong Vu – Sách Ielts Speaking hay – Sách Ielts Speaking part 3 band 8

  • Do you like watching stars?

Definitely, a night sky full of shining stars always takes my breath away. When I was little, I used to climb on the rooftop of my house to gaze at the stars and admire a stunning sky in solitude. However, the city I’m currently living in is heavily polluted and I’m no longer be able to watch them as often as I wish.

  • What do you feel when watching stars?

A night sky with billions of stars always puts my mind at ease. Whenever I get frustrated, I look at the stars and they will instantly cheer me up. All of a sudden, my problems seem so tiny and I feel like I can conquer them all. Overall, a star-lit sky is truly magical and surreal, just like heaven.

  • Is star-gazing popular in your country?

It’s not so common, I guess. In urban areas, due to light pollution and air pollution, the night sky is rarely clear enough for us to see the stars. Except those who live in the countryside, most Vietnamese people are always busy working, studying or having fun indoors, they hardly take time to venture out of their cities to appreciate the beauty of nature.

  • Can watching stars increase imagination?

Absolutely. I always think stars watching is not only a leisure activity just for fun but also a chance to admire visual arts and exercise our power of imagination. A mysterious night sky looks like a huge canvas on which anything can be sketched by visualisation. In addition, when gazing at the stars we tend to indulge in deep thoughts – wondering what is happening in those distant galaxies and what other life may lay beyond the earth. And all these thoughts are healthy for nourishing our creativity and imagination, I believe.


  • Do you know any constellations? (chom sao)

Well, when I was little, my dad would show me how to spot the Milky Way and several constellations with naked eye whenever we had a chance to watch the night sky together. Now, I only remember the Libra cluster because it is my Zodiac sign and its pattern seems easily recognisable. If the night sky in Hanoi was clearer, I bet I would still be able to recognise most of them.

  • Should children learn about stars at schools?

Sure, it’s essential to learn more about the stars, the galaxies and the Cosmo in general. Astronomy opens our eyes to new knowledge about the universe and I hope someday it will answer our other questions like “Is there life beyond earth?”

  • Do you think government spending on space exploration is a waste of money?

I’m afraid I disagree. The universe is full of mysteries and it’s our duties to unlock them all. Several hundreds of years ago, no one thought human could set their foot on other planets but this has become a reality. I firmly believe that space exploration is a meaningful challenge that humans have to conquer.

  • Do you think life on other planets is feasible?

I do. I’m an extremely optimistic person you know. If humans can settle on earth, there is no reason that other life forms couldn’t exist in the universe. It’s just that we are currently not in a position to discover or recognise them. However, with future technology advancement, I believe someday we will be able to do so or even could make other planets more favourable to the settlement of human-being.


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