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Ielts Speaking Time Management part 3

Time Management – Ielts Speaking Part 3

Sample Band 8 from Ielts Speaking Book 8.0 by Dương Vũ 8.5 Ielts – Full Sample 3 Parts + Topic Vocab + Hướng dẫn trả lời chi tiết từng dạng câu hỏi part 1, 2, 3 bản update cho bộ đề Speaking mới nhất  :

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How can people balance life and work?

Well, a healthy work/life balance is of paramount importance and it’s possible to achieve that. Firstly, people should limit working overtime or bring work home. They should sharpen their skills and stay focused at work so that they can meet their deadlines without having to sacrifice their family time for work. Secondly, it’s crucial for them to have leisure pursuits like cycling, jogging, reading or gardening. These recreational activities help relieve work-related stress, and boost their physical and mental well-being.

What kinds of activities do you consider a waste of time?

Without a doubt, there are numerous activities that can be seen as frivolous. The most common ones are those done without any particular purpose and producing no positive outcome. For example, if children spend more than one hour a day playing video games or chatting with friends, the excessive hours could be considered wasted. Another situation might be when people have to wait for someone for a long time but that person doesn’t show up, I mean when people get stood up

What usually makes people feel pressured?

Well, there are all kinds of stressors but I suppose the most significant ones might be related to work or study. It’s common for people to see life as a race for success and they must compete to get ahead of others. This fierce competition tends to place enormous pressure on the participants as they have to work harder and faster. Apart from this, financial strain and problematic relationships are also major sources of stress these days. A tight budget or a painful breakup usually lead to anxiety and depression, which may take a toll on people’s health. 

Do you think young people or old people are better at managing time?

When it comes to time management, I believe old people are wiser than their young counterparts. This is mainly because they tend to be more disciplined and cultivating self-discipline takes time. Besides, older adults have obtained more skills and experiences both in their personal life and professional life; I mean with age comes wisdom. They know what is important and should be given priority, and what is trivial. On top of that, they are better at making plans, which is essential to effective time management.  (Which thay cho ý trước)

Why do young people waste more time than old people?

That’s an interesting one. There could be different explanations for this but I suppose the primary reason is that the young tend to underestimate the value of time. They might think they have their whole life ahead and wasting a day doesn’t matter. Another common cause is probably because they haven’t found the purpose of their life. When they have nothing to focus on or devote their spare time to, it’s natural for them to just do whatever to kill time or just fool around.

How can people manage their time better?

(Cấu trúc liệt kê: make plans & to-do lists/ set priority: what is urgent & more important/ use mobile apps to remind them of what to do every single day)

Of course, different people have different methods to make the most of their time but I’d say that the most common practice is making plans. It’s crucial to set priority and a timeframe to each task and goal, and stick to the plan. There are numerous applications and softwares people can utilise to plan their time more effectively. Apart from this, they also need to master some techniques or tricks to stop procrastination and improve their concentration ability so that they can accomplish what they set their mind to on time.

Câu hỏi chỉ cho band cao (8,9)

Is time management important? (Cấu trúc important: Without a doubt excellent time management skill is the key to success. Modern life is becoming increasingly hectic while our time budget is limited … poor time management might lead to poor performance at work or study and a lack of time for recreation and relaxation => As a result, people who don’t use their time efficiently might fail to obtain significant achievement and lead an unhealthy and unhappy life)

Should parents manage their kids’ time? (Main ideas: Yes, they should supervise how their kids spend time but not be too strict or rigid. For example, screen time & social media use …)

Is time important?

Absolutely. It is said that time is money but for me, time is the most precious asset people have. If they lose money, they can always earn it back. However if they waste a day, it is lost forever. There is no way to retrieve it back. That’s why it’s often said that “Those who always kill time kill their own chance in life”.

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