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Ielts Speaking Part 3 Meet New People Talk to Strangers

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When do people often need to talk to strangers?

Without a doubt, people must talk to strangers when they’ve just moved to a new place like a school, a company or a neighborhood. Besides, people who expect to make new friends at social events and workshops must be willing to strike up a conversation with  strangers. Particularly, those who work in sales and customer service have to talk to strangers on a daily basis I believe. 

Where can people meet new people?

I’d say the best way to meet new people is to participate in recreational and cultural activities such as partying, going to a musical concert, joining a sports club or attending a cooking class. Those who are somewhat introverted can enlarge their social circle by joining online communities for people who share the same hobby or an interest such as Yoga, gardening or photography.

Do you think it is easy to talk to strangers?

I reckon that holding a conversation with strangers might be intimidating at first, especially for those who are painfully shy.  While extroverts enjoy meeting and talking to new people, introverts tend to focus on their inner world, and thus might have difficulty socializing. However, if they make an effort to practice, I believe they will make progress and eventually find it easier to start a conversation with strangers.  

Why do some people dislike talking to strangers?

I suppose the primary reason is that they might fear embarrassing themselves or the other person. Besides, some people have social anxiety disorder and having a conversation with those they don’t know might be the last thing they wanna do.  Or some people simply have no desire to socialize outside of their circle because they don’t want to be bothered. 

How is talking to strangers different from talking to friends?

Without a doubt talking to people we’ve never met before must be more stressful and effort-consuming than talking with our buddies. Firstly, we need to use formal language, both verbal and nonverbal, which might be daunting for those who get used to talking casually. On top of that, we must be discreet by bringing up appropriate topics and questions so that we won’t leave a bad impression.

What topics are suitable and not suitable for first conversations with strangers?

That’s an interesting one. I’d say that it really depends on each culture. But, I suppose topics such as age, income or relationships might be inappropriate for first-time conversations with strangers. Common topics for small talks may include the weather, pets, music or travel. Those are universal subjects anyone can talk about regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity.

Is it important to meet new people?

Without a doubt, it’s crucial to do so. By meeting new people, we can gain fresh perspectives in life, which enables us to sharpen our critical thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills as well. Most importantly, when we enlarge our circle, we might have a greater support system, and this might pave the way for a more successful and rewarding life. Of course, I must emphasize that meeting new people tends to be more relevant for young people than their old counterparts because young people need more opportunities to learn and grow. 

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