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Ielts Speaking Money part 3

Ielts Speaking Spend Money Credit Card Part 3 samples 8.0 by cô Dương Vũ 8.5 Ielts. LIKE/ Follow facebook Ielts 8.5 Dương Vũ để học từ vựng free và nhiều samples speaking writing band cao hay các bạn nhé:

When do people in Vietnam often give children money?

It’s customary to give children lucky money on their birthday or on Lunar New Year Holiday. Typically, it’s just a small amount because giving them a large sum might spoil them. Some parents also offer their kids monetary rewards if they perform well at school or at home. For instance, if they achieve an A for any subject, they might be given one hundred thousand dongs which is roughly 5 US dollars.

Do you think it’s good to give children money?

I think money education is crucial for kids because their future lives depend on it. In order to learn about money, however, they must have money first, so it’s essential to provide them with that learning tool. That said, how and when to give them money is also equally important as how much to give them. If children feel that they can earn a lot of money effortlessly, then parents’ purpose to educate them about the world of finance has failed.

 Is it good to give children money for doing housework?

I do think so. Children might be more willing to help out with tedious chores if they’re provided with financial incentives. Besides, when children are rewarded with an allowance for completing  chores properly, they will learn the value of money and realize that they must work in order to earn. As a result, they will  become more responsible and also more financially savvy individuals. 

Is using cash popular in Vietnam? Has it always been the same?

Yes, it’s still widely used in rural areas where banking services are limited or difficult to access. By contrast, cash is no longer the main payment or transaction tool in major cities since urban dwellers have become more tech-savvy and more inclined to shop online too. Paying by credit cards or using digital wallets appears to be more convenient for them.

Why are credit cards more popular than cash now?

Without a doubt,  it’s easier, faster and more convenient to pay or transfer money by cards. Transactions can be made any time anywhere no matter how large the amount is. This is particularly crucial because Vietnamese people are increasingly doing business with oversea companies or shopping online.. 

Do you think it’s important to teach children about money (use, save, earn, invest..)?

Totally. Financial literacy can lay a foundation for a happy and successful life. Children must learn how to handle money because it plays a vital role in their  lives. Specifically, it’s essential for them to learn how to earn, spend, and above all save money. By saving for rainy days, people can obtain financial stability and securitywhich is essential to their mental health. What’s more, when people spend less than they earn, they could invest in business or other money-making tools to gain passive income. This way, they won’t have to work like a beaver their whole life just to make a living. Instead, they can allow themselves to retire early and pursue their passion or hobby.

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