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Ielts Essay Family History Research Band 8

In many parts of the world people do research about their family history. Some people believe research on the previous generations can be useful while others say that it is better to focus on the present and future generations. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Topic: Family History – Dạng bài: Both Views


It is increasingly common for people to do research about their family history. Some people argue that this can be of great benefits while others maintain that focusing on the current and future generations is more beneficial. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and then I will give my own perspective.

On the one hand, genealogical research can offer a considerable number of benefits. Firstly, people might obtain strong senses of belonging and pride when knowing more about their origin. If, for instance, they find out that one of their ancestors was a respectable leader or scholar who made a huge contribution to their community or country, they might feel proud and motivated to carry on that legacy. Secondly, by researching information about previous generations, people might discover a hereditary disease that runs in their family. This would make them more conscious of following a healthy lifestyle and facilitate doctors’ diagnosis in case they have the symptoms. 

However, I believe researching family history is unnecessary and people should focus on present and future generations. When people pay no attention to their family’s past, they might avoid possible regret, shame or sorrow, especially in case their extended family had a member committing serious wrongdoings. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to dwell on the past because it cannot be changed. By devoting all their time and effort to the improvement of their family’s current situation, people can raise their standard of living and provide their children with a stable upbringing. This would help mold (shape) them into contributing and responsible members of society. 

In conclusion, while family research can be beneficial in terms of preserving valuable family legacies, I believe it is more sensible to focus on bettering the lives of current and future generations.

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