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Ielts Essay Band 8 Small Income Difference

Some people think that in order to build a happier society, it is important to ensure there is a small difference in earnings of the rich and the poor. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



For many centuries, political leaders and scholars have been seeking ways to build a happier society. It is argued that bridging the gap between rich and poor is the key to the achievement of this aim. I agree with this notion and this essay will elaborate on my reasons.

Admittedly, this policy might exert an unwelcome impact on affluent people, most of whom are business owners. They would be dissatisfied if their wealth must be reduced or redistributed. It is also likely that they would be demotivated and scale down their businesses, which might have undesirable impacts on the economy. 

However, I believe that a small income gap can help build a happier society. Firstly, narrowing the rich-poor gap can foster a sense of equality. When people have similar lifestyles, they are more likely to see each other as equalsThis means that they will feel more satisfied with their lives because no significant earning disparities are seen in society. Furthermore, the redistribution of wealth can reduce hunger and poverty, and lay the foundation for a thriving society for all. Currently, the richest people own almost half of the world’s wealth although they only account for merely one percent of the global population. If a large part of their fortune was spent on providing universal education and healthcare programs, all citizens would have a more equal access to resources and opportunities. This might encourage poor people to strive for a better life, participate in economic activities and make an honest living, leading to reduced crime. Consequently, the majority of citizens will feel safer and more secure in life. In fact, many billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are willing to donate generously to charitable organizations and sustainable development programs with a view to establishing a better society for all.

In conclusion, …

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