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Ielts speaking A job you would not like to do

A job you would not like to do / A job you don’t want to do –

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Well, I know exactly what my ideal job is like but I’ve never given much thought about those I dislike. No specific job came to my mind when I read the question but let me tell you about the types of job I would never wish to get into.

First and foremost, I don’t like to get stuck behind a desk, doing something boring in a dead-end job. This usually means spending 8 hours in front of a screen, dealing with numbers or sorting out documents days in days out. I get bored easily so I can’t stand monotonous work that has no place for creativity or personal advancement. I know many who have held the same position at the same company for more than ten years. This doesn’t make sense to me at all. Even if I had to accept a dull job just to earn a living, I would definitely find a way to get out of it as fast as I could.

Also, I’d never get into jobs that are too competitive. I’m terrified at the idea of competing with other co-workers in the same department for the highest sales figure. I’d rather play in a small team in which each member has distinctive role, and work closely together towards a common goal. I’d never accept a job that does not provide a supportive and friendly working environment.

All in all, I detest repetitive or highly competitive jobs and always try to avoid them at all cost, no matter how well-paid they are.

IDIOMS:   A dead-end job/  Days in days out/   Earn a living/ Make sense to SO/  Avoid …at all cost/

  • What do most people consider when finding/ accepting a job?

Attractive payment & fringe benefits

Healthy & supportive working environment

Prospect for career development

  • What is more important? Job satisfaction or a high salary?

Definitely, job satisfaction.

Spend a large part of life at work, it’s important to be happy.

When satisfied, be more creative, innovative => boost performance => more successful

  • Do you think we need less physical work due to technology development?

Absolutely. Technology has turned a lot of hard manual jobs into a walk in the park. Ex: Machines & appliances replaced human in household chores and farm work

  • Do you think robots will take over man’s jobs in the future?

What an interesting question! Certainly robots and computers can perform any tasks that require only human’s labour or brains. However, it’s very unlikely that they will take over jobs that involve creative skills, compassion, empathy or love. Robots can never replace humans’ hearts and souls, I believe.

  • What kinds of jobs are most likely to be taken over by robots?

As I mentioned, all technical work and physical work could be easily done by them. A great number of existing jobs such as shop keepers, accountants, bank tellers, stock brokers and many others might become a thing of the past in the near future.

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