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Speaking part 3 A time you waited

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When do people often need to wait?

Without a doubt, there are countless situations in which people have to wait. For instance, when they are expecting a friend or an exciting event such as a wedding or a birthday party. a bit of waiting would make the experience even more rewarding. Another case is when people are standing in line in order to be served at a crowded store, supermarket or restaurant. Customers are accustomed to waiting for their turn these days.

What are the impacts of waiting on society?

The way I see it, waiting might have both favourable and adverse impacts on individuals and society at large. Unquestionably, waiting makes people become more patient, which is essential to any significant accomplishment. Not to mention, waiting in line helps create order and foster fairness. However, waiting for nothing could have significant drawbacks on society. It inevitably leads to a waste of time, lowered productivity and increased anxiety, which might take a toll on the economy and people’s quality of life. 

Who do you think are more patient, children or adults? (nhớ dùng so sánh hơn)

That’s an interesting one. Although some people are born impatient, I believe with age, people become calmer and more tolerant of a slow pace of life. Young people especially children and teens tend to be less patient than their older counterparts because they just can’t stand the boredom of waiting. They easily lose their temper or get stressed out when things are not going the way they expect. Older adults on the other hand, are more experienced and know how life really works. Success and achievements take time and perseverance. Sometimes, the best solution might be just to go with the flow.

Do you think people are now more patient than they were in the past?

From my perspective, people are becoming less patient than they used to be. This is mainly due to the rapid development of technology over the last decades. Most millennials refuse to accept the status quo; they want to see major changes and quick results. They just can’t wait. Another reason might be the fast pace of modern life, which forces people to rush and to be constantly on the go. Idle time spent on waiting even just a minute is widely seen as a waste.
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