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Ielts Speaking Someone taught you something

Ielts Speaking Cue card: Describe someone who taught you something – A teacher

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Well, besides my parents, another person who has significant influence on me is my English professor at university. She is my teacher, my graduate thesis advisor and also my lifelong mentor. I’ve learned a lot from her.

My first impression of her was that she is super friendly and down to earth. There is something special about her radiant smile, so warm, cheerful and encouraging. Unlike several other lecturers who always seem full of their self-importance, she is extremely caring and close to her students. I love the way she treated us like friends and even went an extra mile to help those going through a tough time.

However, what I admire the most of her is the enormous amount of passion she has put into her work. Her teaching was so motivational and intriguing that we could never want to skip her class. I remember she went to a plethora of relevant seminars, workshops and conferences to collect practical materials for us. She didn’t stick to the old boring textbooks and rigid learning methods but compiled her own teaching programs. Through fascinating stories she shared, we were able to obtain not only language skills but also valuable lessons for life such as hard work, compassion, and perseverance. She has always been a brilliant role model for many of us. Most importantly, she has shown us it is essential to pour all our heart into what we are doing, no matter how big or small it is. At the end of the day, hard work truly pays off.

IDIOMS: pour all our heart into    /   At the end of the day

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